Common Faults and Repair Mechanisms of 12v Switching Power Supply

12v switching power supply composition overview

For any switching power supply, the basic circuit structure must include an AC input module, an anti-interference circuit structure, a rectification, and filtering circuit structure, a starting circuit structure, a switching transformer, etc., and a stable voltage control circuit and a pulse rectification output circuit. etc., forming a more systematic switching power supply structure.

12v switching power supply common faults and maintenance mechanism:

1. 12v switching power supply - input link troubleshooting

In the process of centralized inspection and calibration of switching power supplies, it is necessary to construct systematic control measures and maintenance verification for corresponding problems, so as to ensure the optimization of its operating efficiency and overall management effect. For the maintenance of the input link, it is necessary to check whether there is an AC input. If there is no input, it is necessary to conduct an open circuit analysis or wear analysis on the incoming line. Focus on observing whether there is an abnormality of the fuse, systematically integrate and check the damaged components, and replace the components in time for the corresponding problems to ensure that the output voltage is normal.

12v switching power supply circuit diagram

2. 12v switching power supply - filter circuit troubleshooting

To analyze the output of DC voltage, if there is no DC voltage output, it is necessary to use the resistance method to test the structure of the fuse, check its open circuit, and deal with the corresponding problems intensively. If there is an open circuit, it must be replaced in time. In addition, the resistance method should also be used to measure the filter capacitance intensively. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Only by ensuring that its capacitance parameter is close to infinity can it respond normally temporarily. In the event of a sudden drop in parameters or an open circuit, it is necessary to replace the abnormal components and inspect the diode. Only by ensuring the normal output of the voltage can it indicate that it is operating normally.

3. 12v switching power supply - feedback circuit troubleshooting

In the process of centralized inspection of the feedback circuit, it is necessary to ensure that the current starts to oscillate normally. In the case of power failure, the filter capacitor parameters are effectively identified, the discharge operation is carried out, and the winding resistance feedback system is effectively processed by the resistance method. If the current is small, there will be no open circuit problem. During the actual operation of the switching power supply, the most common problem is the desoldering of the feedback winding of the switching transformer. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct centralized inspection and processing of basic components such as feedback resistors, diodes, and feedback capacitors, and comprehensively repair and replace corresponding problems to ensure regular operation. It is worth mentioning that when switching power supplies using chips, due to their high cost, it is necessary to centrally check their normal operating status.

4. 12v switching power supply - pulse rectification output troubleshooting

In the process of analyzing the pulse rectification structure, it is necessary to carry out centralized verification and proofreading on the resistors, capacitors, and diodes to ensure their convenience and effectiveness. In addition, in terms of stabilizing the control circuit, it is a relatively common problem that the output voltage does not meet the actual requirements. The photocoupler will have problems such as the abnormal lighting of the light-emitting tube, etc., which need to be effectively estimated and processed by the resistance method to ensure The corresponding parameters and component structures are operating normally. Only by ensuring that the estimated structure is in line with reality can the overall operating efficiency of the integrated circuit be improved.

All in all, in the process of in-depth research on 12v switching power supplies, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the inspection mechanism and control measures, and also to combine actual operating efficiency and management dimensions to improve the level of routine fault inspection and maintenance, and actively implement a dynamic management model. After a detailed analysis of the working principle of the switching power supply, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive observation and use the resistance method, voltage method, and other measures to strengthen the inspection effect to ensure the normal operation of the switching power supply and lay a solid foundation for the optimized development of electronic equipment management.


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