Do you know which three types of security monitoring power supply?


Security surveillance power supply modes mainly include three modes: independent power supply mode, centralized power supply mode, and POE power supply mode.


1. Independent Power Supply Mode

The advantages of independent power supply mode:

Independent power supply means that an independent security surveillance power supply is installed in front of each camera, and this security surveillance power supply only provides power supply to one camera.

(1) Simple maintenance and easy replacement of power supply

Because each camera has an independent security surveillance power supply, when a camera fails, the faulty camera can be quickly checked. If a fault caused by the security surveillance power supply is detected, only a single faulty power supply needs to be repaired or replaced.

(2) Avoiding the phenomenon of monitoring system paralysis

In the centralized power supply mode, if the power supply system has problems and no UPS is used, the entire surveillance system cannot function normally and will become paralyzed. However, in independent power supply mode, the failure of a security surveillance power supply may cause only one or several cameras to not work, avoiding the phenomenon of monitoring system paralysis.


2. Centralized Power Supply Mode

Centralized power supply:

Connect a 12V centralized power supply to the 220V power supply, and then use 2 * 1.0 red and black power supply cables to respectively connect to the camera. The 12V power supply distance cannot exceed 100 meters. Connect an individual power cable connector, then connect the individual power cable connector to the monitoring camera power connector. The centralized power supply mode is to centrally supply power to front-end loads from the monitoring room or some intermediate point using a 12V switch power supply. Compared with the independent power supply mode, the biggest difference is that one power supply can provide power supply to multiple cameras.

Advantages of centralized power supply mode:

(1) Lower cost

Although the number of cables used in the centralized power supply mode is often more than that used in the independent power supply mode, it benefits from the high cost-effectiveness of the centralized power supply, and the power supply system using the centralized power supply mode is often the most cost-effective.

(2) Easy centralized maintenance

Using the centralized power supply mode, the cable laying is convenient and the construction is simple, making it easier to manage.

(3) Lower overall power consumption

Practical engineering cases have proved that the total power consumption of the centralized power supply system is lower than that of the independent power supply system.


3. POE Power Supply

POE power supply mainly has the following four ways:

(1) Both the switch and the terminal support POE

In this method, the PoE switch is directly connected to the wireless AP and network camera that support POE power supply through a network cable. This method is the simplest, but attention should be paid to the following two points:

① Determine whether the PoE switch and the wireless AP or network camera support standard POE devices

② Carefully confirm the specifications of the purchased network cable. The quality of the network cable is critical. Poor quality network cables can cause the AP or IPC to fail to receive power or constantly reboot.

(2) The switch supports POE, and the terminal does not support POE

In this solution, the PoE switch is connected to the PoE splitter. The PoE splitter separates the power into data signals and electricity and has two output lines - one is the power output line, and the other is the network data signal output line, which is an ordinary network cable. The power output is 5V/9/12V, which can match various DC input non-PoE powered terminals, and supports IEEE 802.3af/802.3at standards. The data signal output line is directly connected to the network port of the non-PoE powered terminal.

(3) The switch does not support POE, and the terminal supports POE

In this solution, the switch is connected to the PoE power supply, and the PoE power supply adds electricity to the network cable before transmitting it to the terminal. This solution is conducive to expanding the original wiring network and has no impact on the original network.

(4) Neither the switch nor the terminal supports POE

In this solution, the switch is connected to the PoE power supply, then to the PoE splitter, and finally transmitted to the terminal. Solutions three and four are suitable for the transformation of traditional networks, that is, the original switch does not support POE power supply, but wants to take advantage of the benefits of POE power supply.


4. How to Choose between Independent Power Supply and Centralized Power Supply

The advantages and disadvantages of independent power supply mode and centralized power supply mode are roughly as mentioned above. The specific choice depends on the actual installation environment and customer requirements. Generally, independent power supply mode is suitable for surveillance systems with fewer than 4 channels. For surveillance systems with 4-16 channels and similar distances, it is recommended to choose centralized power supply mode. For surveillance systems with more than 16 channels, multiple centralized power supply modes can be used, provided that the preliminary configuration is done well.

The summary is as follows:

The power supply power that the camera needs to be configured = rated power of the camera * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3 (Note: If the monitoring distance is particularly long, the power supply power should be appropriately increased, and the power supply voltage should be increased as well).


With the development of modernization and the advancement of urban construction, the degree of automation and informatization of coal mines is also getting higher and higher, and the application of intrinsically safe electrical equipment in coal mines, underground, and other special environments is also increasing. 

Among the automation systems such as communication and monitoring in the coal mine, it plays an important role in safety production.

The power supply in special environments such as mining power supply and AC power supply, through the transformer, has the links of rectification, filtering and voltage regulation at the same time. 

The DC power supply can achieve continuous stability and ensure the power supply of safe electrical equipment.


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