Industry knowledge of industrial power supplies: types, uses

The industrial power supply is a special product for the power supply of industrial equipment. Its function is to ensure the stable operation of electrical equipment under the normal operation of industrial equipment. Let us tell you about the industry knowledge of industrial power supplies.

S-25-24 25W switching power supply

What are the types of industrial power supply?
The switching power supply, electrolysis power supply, electrophoresis power supply, oxidation coloring power supply, pulse power supply, etc., will be described separately.
(1) Switching the power supply
It is called a switching power supply and switching converter, which is a high-frequency power conversion device and a kind of power supply. Its function is to convert a level of voltage into the voltage or current required by the user through different forms of architecture. The input of a switching power supply is mostly AC power (such as mains) or DC power, and the output is mostly equipment that requires DC power, such as a personal computer, and the switching power supply converts the voltage and current between the two.

(2) Electrolysis power supply
The rectifier is used as a power supply device for electrolysis, electroplating, and electrophoresis. It is mainly a machine that adjusts the current and voltage of the standard input power supply.

(3) Electrophoresis power supply
It is a power supply with an AC-DC-AC conversion circuit. The whole process is AC grid input, rectification and filtering, and inverter.

(4) Oxidation coloring power supply
It is mainly suitable for sine wave electrolytic coloring of an aluminum type. According to the actual process requirements of the electrolytic coloring of lead materials, it can control the timing of the three processes of color immersion, coloring, and complementary color respectively. With automatic zero return, soft start, over-current protection, and other functions.

(5) Pulse power supply
The pulse power supply has a single positive pulse and the double positive and negative pulse power supply adopts unique modulation technology and digital control.

The use of industrial power
1. The power supply is used to drive the load or provide energy to the load, such as a DC motor; AC motor; diesel generator, etc.

These devices require a stable voltage and current supply during normal operation. The power type switching power supply generally adopts a high-frequency PWM control circuit, and the output voltage range is wide.

2. The control power supply is used to control the operation of the load, including the power supply device used by the control system such as the PLC system, the frequency converter, and the touch screen. Such as AC/DC conversion module for servo motor;

The input terminal of AC220V input/DC24V output is used by the CNC controller used by the CNC machine tool; the power supply required by the RS485/RS232 communication interface is controlled by the touch screen, etc.

3. The detection type is used to measure the temperature, flow or pressure, etc. The supporting power supply device of the instrument and meter. Most of these products are directly connected to the power grid by the sensor without going through any intermediate links to obtain the required power supply. Therefore, these products do not need a dedicated switching power supply, but only need to select the matching battery of the corresponding sensor to meet their power requirements.

4. The protection class is used to prevent overcurrent, short circuits, and overload, and the power supply device is used for the protection device used in the protection device. For example auxiliary fuse box for fuse and other protection devices an auxiliary contact box for the circuit breaker, etc.

5. Special power supply devices for special electrical equipment used in special industries.

6. The general-purpose type is mainly used in the voltage-stabilizing part of various electronic equipment.

7. The intelligent type is mainly used for electronic and electrical products with a relatively high degree of intelligence.

8. Application fields of other special industries.

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