The function, principle and application scenarios of 12V power supply

In the world of electronic equipment, 12V power supply is undoubtedly a topic of great concern. It is not only widely used in daily life, but also plays a vital role in various industries and fields. This article will deeply explore the functions, principles and applications of 12V power supply, and take you into the mystery of this electronic world.

What is a 12V power supply?

12V power supply is a power supply device that converts alternating current into stable direct current output. It uses components such as switching tubes (such as transistors or field effect tubes) to convert electrical energy. It can provide stable output voltage and is widely used in various electronic equipment.

Principle analysis of 12V power supply

The working principle of 12V power supply is mainly divided into two stages: transformer conversion and rectification and filtering.

Transformer conversion: First, the AC input is converted to a lower or higher voltage by a transformer, usually through the magnetic coupling of the transformer. This step allows the voltage to be adapted to the requirements of subsequent circuits.

Rectification and filtering: The alternating current output from the transformer is converted into direct current by the rectifier, and then filtered through the filter to remove the pulsation and noise in the voltage, and finally obtain a stable direct current output.

Application areas of 12V power supply

12V switching power supplies are widely used in various fields, including but not limited to:

Home electronic products: Home electronic devices such as TVs, routers, cameras, etc. usually require 12V DC power supply.

Automotive electronic systems: Many electronic devices in cars, such as car audio systems, navigators, etc., also require 12V DC power supply to provide stable power support.

Industrial automation: In industrial control systems, 12V switching power supplies are often used to drive various sensors, actuators and other equipment.

Communication equipment: Communication equipment such as wireless routers and base stations also require 12V power supply to ensure their normal operation.

Features and advantages of 12V power supply

12V power supply has many advantages over traditional linear power supply:

High efficiency: The switching power supply adopts advanced power conversion technology, has high conversion efficiency, and can utilize energy more effectively.

Small size: Compared with linear power supplies, switching power supplies are smaller and more suitable for integration into various compact devices.

Good stability: The switching power supply can provide stable output voltage, is not affected by input voltage fluctuations, and has better stability and reliability.


As an important power supply device, 12V power supply plays an indispensable role in modern electronic equipment. Through the introduction of this article, we have a deeper understanding of the functions, principles and applications of 12V switching power supplies. We believe that we can better apply and understand this important electronic component in our future study and work.


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